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Pipe and Drape Setups

Pipe and Drape for Expo Exhibits Each section is minimum of 10'

**Which includes:
2- bases 18"x18"
2- 7'-16' Telescopic upright
1- 6'-12' telescope (crossbar)

Pipe and Drape Rentals for trade shows or any event.

Wedding Drapery in Ballroom.

White Pipe and Drape

White Drape Installation

White Pipe and Drape

White Pipe and Drape

White Pipe and Drape

White Pipe and Drape

Fashion Show Drape and Runway

Black Pipe and Drape

Wedding Ceremony White Pipe and Drape

Wedding Canopy White Pipe and Drape

16' White Pipe and Drape with Blue Uplights

White Pipe and Drape

Custom Wedding Drape Backdrop

Video Testimonial

White Pipe and Drape

White Drape Sweet 16 Backdrop

* Prices are subject to change.
* Please call us for any questions on our pipe/drape wall 10 foot 16 foot high rentals, serving New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut areas